Sound/Music DesignHaving 20 years of sound recording and sound design experience behind us provides a truly creative team with fresh dynamic ideas. We can produce royalty free music and sounds for use in film, advertising, games, company websites, corporate videos, training presentations and company signatures.

Our team of writers and sound designers have experience working in various parts of the media industry and therefore we are able to offer a diverse and wide-ranging music production. We cover all styles of music for every occasion so very specific personalised music design can be catered for.

Click the play button below to hear some examples of our Sound Designs (please note these are current examples of our design work).

Car Comm MP3

City Limits MP3

Country Comm MP3

Film Score MP3

Living On MP3

Computer Game Sound FX Design Example MP3

Jazz Lounge Music Design Example MP3

Spacious Calming Music Example MP3